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Agriculture & Forestry

• Bale wrappers
• Ditch cutters
• Tractor attachments
• Tree debarkers
• Harvester machines
• Irrigation machines
• Logs carrying system
• Logs cutting/process
• Manure loaders
• Sprayers
• Tree shredders
• Wheeled Tractors






The myriad of power transmission tasks - hoisting, pulling conveying, slewing (rotating) and handling that are undertaken routinely, each day, in the tough agricultural and forestry sectors all benefit from the reliability, durability and efficiency of Dana's full range of products.
The proportional mobile valves of the Dana Hydraulics product line allow for directional and flow rate control, regardless of the load variation (Load Sensing system), thereby enabling concurrent operations without mutually influencing one another. This feature is particularly appreciated in mobile machinery.

Hydraulics play a large part in the mechanization of agriculture. Brevini provides the agricultural sector with innovative systems. They have been designed to easily and reliably operate and drive parts of agricultural machinery, mini conveyor belts and harvest machines. Hydraulic pumps, proportional valves and wheel drives of the Brevini Group are regularly built into machines in this sector.

Brevini can equip any machine, of any size, with the products of the Group: gear units for the transfer of rotation, coupling gears, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic powerpacks, distributors, electro valves and more.

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