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Marine & Port Installations

• Anchor winch / Windlass
• Boat lift
• Cable laying equipment
• Capstans
• Deck cranes
• Deck machinery
• Empty / loaded container handler
• Ferry ramps
Harbour cranes
• Hatch covers
• Life boats winches / Davits
• Mooring winch
• Pipe handler
• Pods / Azimut / Thruster
RMG-Rail mounted gantry cranes
RTG - Rubber tyred gantry cranes
• Ship lifting system
• Ship loader/unloader
• Straddle carrier for boats
• Straddle Carriers
STS - Ship to shore
• Trawling winches
• Umbilical reel winch

In port and marine installations all over the world quay and dockside cranes employing Dana's standard or high power range of drives are operating around the clock loading enormous conveyors onto ships. The proven reliability and strength of the hydraulically driven planetary gearboxes in this operation is matched by the Dana slewing gear drives which rotate the fully loaded cranes, smoothly and accurately, in all types of temperatures and climatic conditions.
High quality rescue systems and provisioning are vital on board of ships. Dana provide pumps and steering valves for life saving equipment, which are incorporated in the lifting installations of lifeboats. When attached on deck, thanks to Dana solutions, they can be dropped into the water. Traditionally, a lot of Dana components and systems, like Power Packs, can be found in hydraulic marine cranes and offshore cranes. These lift, for instance, cargo, parts, and supplies aboard ships, oil rigs and oil-related supply ships. Dana is considered very reliable in the offshore sector.
Also adding to improved efficiency in ports is the Dana range of winches. These provide robust, highly reliable and precise operation in all types of marine applications involving lifting, pulling and raising tasks.

Dana can equip any machine, of any size, with the products of the Group: gear units for the transfer of rotation, coupling gears, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic powerpacks, distributors, electro valves and more.

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