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Waste & Recycling

Archimedes screw
• Waste compactors
• Belt filters
Biodiscs / Percolators
Biogas plants
• Incinerator plants
• Mixers
• Peristaltic pumps
• Photovoltaic plant
• Rotating filters
• Shredders
• Surface aerators
• Thickener / Clarifier / Decanter
• Wood recycler


The innovative hydraulic products of Brevini are also used in the environmental sector. Components and systems can be found in the drives of water purification plants, soil washing plants or waste processing plants. The hydraulic pumps of Brevini Fluid Power also form the heart of biomass fermentation plants. They are a reliable system that mixes the biomass, transports it and keeps it in motion during the fermentation. Brevini Fluid Power valves provide the control of the motors on the mixers and cutters. Brevini have a comprehensive range of power packs and power pack components which are widely used by waste compactor manufactures.

Brevini can equip any machine, of any size, with the products of the Group: gear units for the transfer of rotation, coupling gears, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic powerpacks, distributors, electro valves and more.

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