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Helical & Bevel Helical Gearmotors

Gearbox Sizes Hollow Shaft Diameter Nominal Torque Ratio
10 models 20mm - 110mm 80Nm - 15,000Nm 5 - 15,619
K-Series Bevel Helical Gearboxes
Brevini K-Series gearboxes are bevel gearboxes with monoblock housing. They are intended for...  
Gearbox Sizes Output Shaft Diameter Nominal Torque Ratio
13 models 20mm - 120mm 82Nm - 18,000Nm 3 - 23,464
M-Series Foot Mounted Helical Gearboxes
Brevini M-Series gearboxes have a one-piece (monoblock) housing, which has advantages in terms of...  
Gearbox Sizes Hollow Shaft Diameter Nominal Torque Ratio
10 models 30mm - 120mm 200Nm - 18,000Nm 4 - 24,963
D-Series Helical Geared Hollow Shaft Gearboxes
Brevini D-Series is compact and easy to mount. Flange-, foot- and hollow shaft-mounted versions, or...  
Gearbox Sizes Minimum Drum Diameter Falls Maximum tonnage
5 models 140mm - 405mm 4/1 & 6/1 3,2 to 40 tonne
V-Series Hoist Drum Drive Units
Brevini V-Series gear units are three stage, helical-geared hoist drum drive units. Featuring a...  
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