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Pump Drives

Four standard sizes, up to 4 pump outlets. Large stock of flanges and couplings for almost all widely available pumps.

The Brevini pump drive gear units on this site can drive up to four pumps from a single prime mover - usually an I.C engine or electric motor. 

The central gear, made integral with the input shaft , meshes with the outer gears which are also integral with the pump drive shafts.

The transmission ratio is the same for each pump outlet, whilst the pump rotates in the opposite direction from the input shafts.

CS - with SAE flange on the input side to mate with an I.C. engine flywheel housing

ADI- for use with independently mounted prime mover.

Pumps are directly mounted on to the gear unit by means of an adaptor flange and splined coupling bush.

Gearcases are made in aluminium alloy on small size and nodular cast iron on the larger ones. Gears are manufactured from high quanlity alloy steel forged blanks and have spur teeth which are case hardened and profile ground. On larger sizes the central input gear has crown ground teeth. These features lead to a longer life expectancy and lower noise. All shafts are mounted on ball bearings and Viton seals are fitted as standard on the input shafts.

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