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Pump & Motor Supports

The supports of the SU series are used to drive hydraulic pumps and transmit the motion of hydraulic motors where there are strong radial and axial loads. They are suitable for driving hydraulic pumps & motors with belts, chain and other transmission in which heavy combined loads take place. The pumps & motors are directly flanged and connected by a splined coupling.




Radial load max. Fr

Speed max. rpm

Shaft Type

Shaft Details

SU/1-C GR1 130N 4000 Cylindrical 18mm
SU/1-D GR1 130N 4000 Tapered 17.5mm 1:8
SU/2-C GR2 155N 4000 Cylindrical 18mm
SU/2-D GR2 155N 4000 Tapered 17.5mm 1:8
SUR/2-C GR2 277N 3500 Cylindrical 22mm
SUR/2-D GR2 277N 3500 Tapered 17.5mm 1:8
SU/3-C GR3 277N 3500 Cylindrical 24mm
SU/3-D GR3 277N 3500 Tapered 22.34mm 1:8
SU/3,5-C GR3,5 476N 3500 Cylindrical 28mm
SU/3,5-D GR3,5 476N 3500 Tapered 26mm 1:8
SU/UNIV Universal 450N 3500 Cylindrical 42mm
SU/2F-C GR2 Bosch 277N 3500 Cylindrical 22mm
SU/2F-D GR2 Bosch 277N 3500 Tapered 20mm 1:8
SU/52-80-P GR2 Bosch 90N 4000 Tapered 20mm 1:5
SU/52-80-R GR2 Bosch 90N 4000 Tapered 20mm 1:5
SU/SAEA-R SAE "A" 100N 4000 Tapered 16.65mm 1:8
SU/20-86-F GR2 100N 4000 Tapered 16.65mm 1:8
SU/20-86-E GR2.T 100N 4000 Tapered 16.65mm 1:8
SU/20-86-H GR2 155N 4000 Tapered 16.65mm 1:8
application/pdf Pump Supports GR1.pdf (128.85 KB)
application/pdf Pump Supports GR2.pdf (544.87 KB)
application/pdf Pump Supports GR3.pdf (150.79 KB)
application/pdf Pump Supports GR3.5.pdf (206.6 KB)
application/pdf Pump Supports SAE A.pdf (83.34 KB)
application/pdf Universal Support.pdf (209.33 KB)
application/pdf Pump Flanges.pdf (331.87 KB)
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