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CEP.S - Electronic Amplifier Plug Version for Single Proportional Valve


  • Power supply - 12V or 24V DC
  • Protection type - IP65

The electronic amplifier Plug version was designed in compliance with EN 175301-803 (ex DIN43650), for direct mounting on the valve solenoid. The CEP3 can be used with proportional valves XD.*.A…, XDP.*.A…, XP.3…, XQP*…, CXQ.3… The output stage operates on the pulse width modulation principle (P.W.M.) and is provided with current feedback in order to obtain a solenoid output current proportional to the reference input signal. Gain, minimum current and rise and fall ramp time adjustments are possible through the corresponding potentiometers fitted on top side of the card, and can be accessed by slackening the relative screw and opening the cover of the connector. The output current to the solenoid can be measured via the Valve Current test points.

application/pdf CEP.S.pdf (123.11 KB)
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