Pressure cont.


Pressure max.


Speed max.


Torque cont.


Flow max.


Power max.




055 30 min ÷ 61 max 430 480 7000 418 271 194 28
075 40 min ÷ 80,58 max 430 480 6150 552 322 231 36
108 56 min ÷ 112,5 max 430 480 5600 770 382 273 47
160 80 min ÷ 160.8 max 430 480 5000 1101 500 330 63


  • SH7V series are a family of variable displacement motors, bent axis piston design for operation in both open and closed circuit
  • The proven design incorporating the lens shape valve plate, the high quality components and manufacturing techniques make able the SH7V series motors to provide up to 430 bar [6235 psi] continuous and 480 bar [6960 psi] peak performance
  • Fully laboratory tested and field proven, these motors provide maximum efficiency and long life even at very bad filtering conditions
  • Heavy duty bearings permit high radial and axial loads
  • Versatile design includes a variety of control and shaft ends that will adapt the SH7V series motors to any application both industrial and mobile

• Adjustable high-pressure axial piston bent axis design for open and closed circuit for demanding applications in mobile and industrial hydraulics
• Very compact and robust design with 28° bent-axis engine, spherical valve plate with high quality components and manufacturing processes enable under continuous pressure up to 430 bar and 480 bar peak loads at speeds up to 7000 rev / min
• Very large adjustment 1:5 (Vgmax / Vgmin about 5) with zero displacement option
• High efficiency and long life even under bad conditions filtration
• Very high starting torque and a good synchronization at low speeds
• Robust tapered roller bearing permits large radial and axial shaft loads
• Optional and speed sensor
• Variety of flange, shaft and connector options
• Extensive range of adjustments and controls with high accuracy and repeatability

Mounting flange
• ISO 4-hole (ISO 3019-2)
• SAE-C 4-hole
• SAE D 4-hole Drive shaft
• Cylindrical with DIN 6885
• Cylindrical with feather SAE
• Splined shaft DIN 5480
• Splined shaft SAE

Adjustments and controls
RPE Hydraulic adjustment, operating pressure depends
ROE Hydraulic control with feedback, with 100 bar working pressure related pressure rise
2EE Electric two-point control with working pressure overload
2EN Electric two-point control
2IE Hydraulic two-point control with working pressure overload
2IN Hydraulic two-point control
REE Electric proportional control with feedback with work pressure overload
REN Electric proportional control with feedback
RIE Hydraulic proportional control with feedback, work with pressure control
RIN Hydraulic proportional control with feedback

Port Mounted Valves
• VSC / F - Flushing valve (6 ÷ 20 l / min)
• VCD / ... - Load limiting, single acting with shuttle valve to control the brake

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