WBL winches


  • High rope outfeed speeds
  • High load capacity
  • Medium to heavy hoisting with small drum
  • Hydraulic or electric versions
  • Particularly suited for tower cranes



Winches equipped with complete planetary gear reducers. Designed to provide high rope out feed speeds with high load capacity. Medium-heavy duty hoisting also with small drum diameter.  The Brevini planetary gear reducer can either be contained within the drum or mounted externally. A result obtained through the use of a specifically selected planetary gear reducer, negative lamellar brakes, hydraulic motor and load lowering control valves in the hydraulic motor drive versions.

With the same configuration the electric motor version with "IEC-B5" mount is also available, with negative brake, through the use of adaptor flanges and couplings. The electric motor drives version is particularly used in tower crane applications for he building industry, in goods hoists, or in all those applications where there are no other sources of energy than the electric one. Characteristics suitable for all type of applications.

Use the table below to help you select the winch which suits your requirement and then go to downloads to get the dimensional and specification information on your chosen winch. The table is sorted in descending order by line pull (daN) on the outside layer.

WBL Series


Line pull first layer


Line pull last layer


Rope lenght


Rope diameter




WBL045 TW230 1050 960 110 10 Electric Round
WBL045 TNE4200 4200* 3275* 60 13   Round
WBL045 TW345 4000 4000 25 16 Electric Square
WBL045 TW345L 4000 4000 55 16 Electric / Long Drum Square
WBL045 TNE5600 5450* 4320* 99,5 14 Long Drum Round

Larger rope capacity available on an outside layer if required with reduced line pull performance.

* Value not complying with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE "Annex I" Paragraph related to rope with tensile strength Rm=1960 N/mm2

Technical Data

Line pull first layer 1,050 … 5450 kg

Certifications: Certification ISO 9001

Sectors: Marine Technologies | Hoisting & Cranes Technologies | Mobile Technologies

application/pdf TW230.pdf (730.88 KB)
application/pdf TW345.pdf (647.07 KB)
application/pdf TW345L.pdf (645.62 KB)
application/pdf TNE4200.pdf (783.37 KB)
application/pdf TNE5600.pdf (787.18 KB)
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